S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Faculty Lesson Plan

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Faculty NameSubjectClass
Anuradha GoyalBio-TechB.Sc. I, II, III
Rekhani Jyoti PalBio-TechB.Sc I, B.Sc III
Divya JainBotanyLesson Plan
Sumit ChhibberBotanyB.Sc V, III
Gulshan SinghChemistryLesson Plan
Sushil KumarChemistryB.Sc I, III, V
JoginderChemistryLesson Plan BScIII, Lesson Plan BScIII, Sect-A, Lesson Plan BScII, Lesson Plan
Pooja SharmaChemistryB.Sc I, B.Sc II
Indra YadavChemistryB.Sc I, B.Sc III
Jai PalChemistryBSc, BSc Ist Sec-A, BSc Ist Sect-B, Lesson Plan
Supriya YadavCommerceManagement Lesson Plan: 16 weeks
Satbir SinghCommerceLesson Plan
Mamta GuglaniCommerceLesson Plan
Anupam ChauhanCommerceLesson Plan
Anita Bindal PhuliaCommerceB.Com-III(Business Law), B.Com (ASPSM) I(Mrkt Comm), B.Com (PPL) III(Business Law), B.Com (General) III(Company Law 2), B.Com (PPL) II(Insurance Finance Legislation)
Monika SharmaCommerce Material Mangement, LManagement of Sales force, Indian Fiancial System, Corporate Accounting
Pooja RaniCommerceLesson Plan
Shubhra JindalCommerceLesson Plan
Bhawna MadhokCommerceLesson Plan Commerce
Bhupinder KaurCommerceCommerce & Management
Heena AroraCommerceLesson plan- 18 weeks ( 16 July- 17 Nov. 2018)
Bindu AggarwalCommerceLESSON PLAN
Nancy Chopra ChadhaCommerceLesson Plan
Renu SharmaCommerceCommerce M.Com
Ekta AnandCommerceLesson Plan
Kavleen BharejCommerceLesson Plan
Rajeev Chander SharmaCommerceB A 1st Semester , B A 3rd Sem , B A 5th Sem
Deepak Kumar ManochaCommerceM.Com (IT) Semester-III, Retail Management, Advanced Financial Management, Company Law
Parveen KumarCommerceLesson Plan
Harvinder SinghCommerceLesson Plan, Lesson Plan insurance
DeepaCommerceB.com (ASPSM & OMSP) I, B.Com (APSM & PPI) III, B.Com (APSM & PPI) III, B.Com (APSM) II
Gazal MalhotraCommerceB.Com 2nd Year(C & D), B.Com III(B), B.Com III(D)
Preeti GuptaCommerceBusiness Concepts(BBPO-103), Financial accounting (BBPO-301), Services Marketing(BBPO-503), Business Process Outsourcing(BBPO-101), E- Commerce(BBA-304)
Indu BalaCommerceB.Com (PPI/CAV) I, (OMSP/CAV) V, (OMSP) V, B.Com (General) I
Poonam SinghCommerceBBA 3rd Year, BBA III Year, BBA II Year, BBA I Year
Mamta DeviCommerceB.Com (ASPSM) II, B.com (CAC & OMSP) III, B.BPO I
Chhavi KiranCommerceCommerce Lesson plan- 18 weeks
Mohit BindlishCommerceEconomics, Management, Lesson Plan, BLaw Lesson Plan
Shilpa ChaudharyComputer Science and ApplicationPractical Lesson Plan, Lesson Plan
Alpa SharmaComputer Science and ApplicationLesson Plan- 19 Weeks (July-Nov 2018), Lesson Plan- 17 Weeks (July-Nov 2018), Lesson Plan- 18 Weeks (July-Nov 2018)
HimanshuComputer Science and ApplicationB.Voc I, BCA V, M.Com III
Ruchi SharmaComputer Science and ApplicationLesson Plan
Poonam RaniComputer Science and ApplicationComputer Science B.Voc(IIIrd Sem)
Meenakshi SharmaComputer Science and ApplicationBCA I, B.Sc III, B.Com I
Kamna BillusComputer Science And ApplicationComputer Science, Lesson Plan- 18 Weeks
Pooja BajajComputer Science and ApplicationBBA I, B.Com (CAV) I, B.Com (CAV) II, B.Sc (CAV) II
Amandeep KaurComputer Science and ApplicationLesson Plan
Kavita KumariComputer Science and ApplicationBCA III, V, B.Sc (Comp Sc.) V
Kanika ChaurasiaComputer Science and Application BBA(1 st Sem), BA(1 st Sem), BCOM(CAV), BCA, BBA (III rd Sem)
Gagandeep KaurComputer Science and ApplicationB.Voc (BPO) I, B.Voc (SD) V
Sakshi GautamComputer Science and ApplicationLESSON PLAN
Pooja BawaComputer Science and ApplicationB.Voc (BPO) III, B.Voc (CSD) V
ShainaComputer Science and ApplicationDTP-and-Autocad Lesson Plan
Nidhi SharmaComputer Science and ApplicationsLesson Plan (Practical), Lesson plan
Hina HarmanComputer Science and ApplicationsLesson Plan
Kirti RanaComputer Science and Applications
Ritu RaniComputer Science and Applications17 Weeks (July-Nov 2018)
Arti SharmaEconomicsconomics, ndian-Economy, L.Com-I, Lesson Plan
Harvinder KaurEconomicsLesson Plan, Lesson Plan, B.A. (Final), B.A.II (sem. III)
Anil KumarEconomicsB.Com (General) - I, M.A. I, M.A. III, M.A. III
Arti KumariEconomicsM.A. I, M.A. I(Macro Economics), M.A. III, M.A. III, BBA I
Palvinder SinghElectronics & ITLesson Plan
Rajinder SinghElectronics & ITLesson Plan Electronics
Magandeep KaurElectronics & ITB.Sc (Hons)-IT - I, B.Sc I (Electronics Paper II), B.Sc III (Electronics Paper I)
Praveen MathurElectronics & ITLesson Plan
Mandeep KaurElectronics & ITLesson Plan Electronics
Shilpa GogiaElectronics & ITB.Sc (Electronics) III, B.Sc (IT) III (bscit-302), B.Sc (IT) III (bscit-304)
Harleen KaurElectronics & ITB.Sc (Hons) IT II (BSIT - 303), B.Sc (Hons) IT II (BSIT - 306), B.Sc (Hons) IT II (BSIT - 503), B.Sc (Hons) IT II (BSIT - 504)
Arti AroraElectronics & IT
Sonika SethiEnglishBA I (18-19) Lesson Plan, BA II (18-19) Lesson Plan, BA III (18-19) Lesson Plan, MA II (18-19) Lesson Plan
Alka SharmaEnglish
Sushil KansalEnglishB.A. I, B.A. (Hons) III, M.A. I, M.A. III
Harroop VirkEnglishB.A.(hons) I, B.A. III, M.A.(English) I
Neetu Bala BakshiEnglishB.A. I, B.A. II, B.A. III, M.A. II
Satinder Kumar VermaEnglishLesson Plan
Anju GurEnglish
Tajinder SinghEnglishB.A. (hons) I, M.A. (Eng) I, B.Sc NM CS I
Jaideep ChauhanEnglishB.A. I - B, B.A. (Hons & English) III, M.A. (English) II
Bhim SinghEnglishB.Sc Non-Med., Medical, Bio-tech, Electronics, Home Sc., 1st_(Sem 1st), B.Sc (IT) I, BBA III
Ritu BhardwajEnglish
Jagriti RathiEnglishB.A. I, B.A. III, B.A. I - A, B.A. I - D, B.A. I - E
Pankaj KumarEnglishLesson Plan
Vijay SharmaHindiLesson Plan
Saryu SharmaHindiB.A. III(B), B.A. I(F), B.A. II(C), M.A. I, M.A. II
Sandeep PhuliaHindiB.A. I(A), B.A. II(B), B.A. III, M.A. II, M.A. I
Leena GoyalHindiLesson Plan, Lesson Planodd-sem, Lesson Plan
Anju SharmaHindiLesson Plan
Madan RathiHistoryB.A. I, B.A. II, B.A. III
Shreshtha MuraalHome ScienceB.Sc I, III, V
Kamlesh SinghHome ScienceB.Sc (Home Sc.) I, B.Sc (Home Sc.) III, B.Sc (Home Sc.) V, B.Sc (Home Sc.) III, B.Sc (Home Sc.) V
Nandini YadavHome Science
Balesh KumarLibrary
Jitender KumarMass Communication
Naveen GulatiMathematicsB.Sc I, B.Com (General) I
AartiMathematicsM.Sc I, BCA I, B.Sc III, B.Sc V
Chirag OberoyMathematicsB.Sc I, B.Sc III, M.Sc I, M.Sc III
Babita BistMathematicsB.Sc V, III, I,
Binny GindraMathematicsM.Sc III, B.Com(Self Finance) I, B.Sc III
Gurjeet SinghMathematicsB.Sc V, B.Sc (IT) III, B.Sc III (Advanced Calculus), M.Sc I
Sushma GuptaMathematicsM.Sc III, M.Sc I, B.Sc math III sem, B.Sc V, B.Sc IT I
ShivaniMathematicsBBA I, B.Sc III, B.Sc V, M.Sc III
Rajni GuptaMathematicsB.Sc I, III, V
Madhu GargMathematicsM.Sc I, M.Sc II, B.Sc I(Algebra), B.Sc V
Paramjeet KaurMusic (Instrumental)Lesson Plan
Madhu SharmaMusic (Vocal)
Shashi RanaPhysical EducationB.A. V, B.A. III, B.A. I
Nitin SehgalPhysical EducationB.A. I
Rajesh KumarPhysical EducationB.A. III
Samiksha VermaPhysics
Sunil Kumar SharmaPhysicsB.Sc I(A & B)
Varun WindlassPhysicsM.Sc Final - III - B.Sc (IT) I
Jagjit KaurPhysicsM.Sc Final III
Prem SinghPhysicsLesson Plan
Krishan KumarPhysicsLesson Plan
R.L. DhimanPhysicsLesson Plan
Gurvinder SinghPhysics
DharambirPhysicsB.Sc II (Optics I), B.Sc Practicals
Navneet KaurPhysicsM.Sc I, III & B.Sc (Practicals I, II, III)
VandanaPhysicsM.Sc I, M.Sc I
Amandeep KaurPhysicsM.Sc Final, M.Sc I, M.Sc I, M.Sc I
Ramesh KumarPol Science
Chiman LalPol ScienceB.A. I, III
Neelam DeviPol Science
Nirvair SinghPunjabiB.A. I, III, V & B.Sc III
Ashutosh AngirasSanskritLesson Plan
Uma SharmaSanskritB.A. I, II, III
Sonia BatraZoologyLesson Plan
Zeenat MadanZoologyLesson Plan