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UGC Sponsored Vocational Courses

B.Voc (Software Development)

Seats: 50

Eligibility : 10+2 in any stream with 50%

Three Year Programme

Semester Paper Code Nomenclature
I BVSD-11 Computer Fundamentals
BVSD-12 PC Software
BVSD-13 Operating Systems-I
BVSD-14 Programming Fundamentals and C
BVSD-15 Practical – PC Software
BVSD-16 Practical – C Language
BVSD-17 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-18 Communication Skills & Personality Development
II BVSD-21 Operating Systems – II
BVSD-22 Web Designing
BVSD-23 Networking & Internet
BVSD-24 Web Programming –PHP
BVSD-25 Practical- Web Designing
BVSD-26 Practical-Web Programming
BVSD-27 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-28 Project Work
BVSD-32 Data Structures
BVSD-33 Software Engineering
BVSD-34 Object Oriented Programming with C++
BVSD-35 Practical – Data Structure & C++
BVSD-36 Practical- ORACLE
BVSD-37 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-38  Project Work
BVSD-42 Management Information System
BVSD-43 Java Programming
BVSD-44 Visual Programming
BVSD-45 Practical – Java Programming
BVSD-46 Practical – Visual Programming
BVSD-47 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-48  Project Work
V BVSD-51 Current Technologies
BVSD-52 E-Commerce
BVSD-53 Web Technology  –ASP DotNet
BVSD-54 Advanced Java
BVSD-55 Practical- Advanced Java
BVSD-56 Practical-ASP DotNet
BVSD-57 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-58  Project Work
VI BVSD-61 Current Technologies
BVSD-62 E-Commerce
BVSD-63 Web Technology  –ASP DotNet
BVSD-64 Advanced Java
BVSD-65 Practical- Advanced Java
BVSD-66 Practical-ASP DotNet
BVSD-67 Tutorial Based on Lab
BVSD-68  Project Work

B. Voc (Business Process Outsourcing)new_blink

Seats: 50

Eligibility : 10+2 in any stream with 50%

Three Year Programme

Semester Paper Code Nomenclature
I BBPO-101 Basics of Business Process Outsourcing
BBPO-102 Introduction to Computer & Office Automation Tools
BBPO-103 Management Concepts
BBPO-104 Communication Skills-I
BBPO-105 Introduction to Call Handling Skills
BBPO-106 Practical – Office Automation
BBPO-107 Practical – Communication Skills & Call Handling Skills
II BBPO-201 Customer Relationship Management
BBPO-202 Human Resource Management
BBPO-203 Introduction To Internet
BBPO-204 Call Centre Techniques & Management
BBPO-205 Communication Skill-II
BBPO-206 Practical – Communication Skill
BBPO-207 Practical – Internet & Call Centre Techniques
III BBPO-301 Financial Accounting
BBPO-302 Modern Office Management & Techniques
BBPO-303 Database Management System
BBPO-304 Creativity & Critical Thinking
BBPO-305 Accounting Standards & Reporting System
BBPO-306 Practical – MS Access
BBPO-307 Practical – Introduction to Tally
IV BBPO-401 Business Statistics
BBPO-402 Environmental Study
BBPO-403 E-Commerce
BBPO-404 E-Typewriting (English)
BBPO-405 Business Environment
BBPO-406 Computerized Typewriting (English) Practical
BBPO-407 Practical – Ecommerce & Advanced Excel
V BBPO-501 Basics of Financial Management
BBPO-502 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
BBPO-503 Service Marketing
BBPO-504 RDBMS with Oracle
BBPO-505 Practical – Oracle
BBPO-506 Practical –Advanced Tally Advanced Excel
BBPO-507 Project training on BPO
VI BBPO-601 Management Accounting
BBPO-602 Sales Management
BBPO-603 Data Mining & Warehousing
BBPO-604 Research Methodology
BBPO-605 Skills Personal Effectiveness & Enterprise Development
BBPO-606 Practical – SPSS
BVSD-607 Practical – ERP


One day industrial visit to SEBIZ Square Mohali, and NETSMARTZ House (IT Park) Chandigarh, of the students of B.Voc on 13th Nov 2015, in which 26 students visited the location along with the three teachers, named Ms Disha Dhingra, Ms. Mandeep Kaur and Ms. Shilpa Chaudhary.

In company we spoke with Saurabh Kapila and Saurabh Khurana, professionals who gave information about the challenges and opportunities in the IT companies. They provide an insight into the real working environment of the company. They helped students to see their future place in the working world.

Company visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. It also gives greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action.

Some students always have a doubt that what they will do after completion of their course and what type of work they are going to do when entering into an company. By visiting companies, they get all answers for their questions. They had communicated with different people who are already in this field. The students had asked different questions to the professionals working with the industries and try to make a clear path to their career.

The trip was a tremendous learning experience for the students.  We want to extend our thanks to the host companies for their hospitality, and facilitating the visit.  The trip was an enormous success.