S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Scholarships & Financial Aids

  1. Haryana Govt. Merit Scholarship
    Eligibility                     Apply  online
  2. HSCST Merit Scholarship
    Eligibility                    Apply  online
  3. HBSE Merit Scholarship
    Eligibility                  Apply  online
  4. SC/ST Scholarship
    Eligibility                   Apply  online
  5. BC/OBC Scholarship
    Eligibility                   Apply  online
  6. KUK Merit Scholarship
    Eligibility                   Apply  online
  1. Sitaram Jindal
    Eligibility                     Apply  online
  2. Kumari Rukmani Memorial
    Eligibility : Only Girl Child                     Apply : Contact Mr Baburam in College Office
  3. Verma Charitable Trust
    Eligibility : Only Girl Child                     Apply : Contact Mr Baburam in College Office
  1. Dr Navnit Ram Chithara and Dr Vidya Chitara, Drywood Avenue Worsley, Manchester(U.K.)
  2. In memory of Late Dr Ram Swarup Sharma memorial scholarship awarded by Dr Kavi Sharma, Shama Homeo-Clinic, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt
  3. In memory of Late Mrs. Pritim Devi Memorial scholarship awarded by Dr. Subhash C. Sharma, Homeo-Clinic, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt
  4. Dr(Mrs.) Janak Khanna, 843 Sector 8, Panchkula.
  5. Smt. Prakash
  6. Por. R.D. Suri Memorial Scholarship and Mrs. Meena Dhawan (Arora) Scholarship awarded by Lt. Col. Amrit Vallabh Arora (ex-student) A-34, Sector 55, Noida.
  7. Sh. Shiv Dyal Kapoor Memorial Scholarship awarded by Sh. Basant
  8. Smt. Savitri Devi, 11-12, Arya Nagar, Ambala Cantt
  9. Shri B.N. Talwar Charitable & Educational Trust, New Delhi
  10. Sh. Gurcharan Singh, V.PO. Tepla (Saha) Distt. Ambala
  11. Dr Neena Malhotra, 1-2 A, The Spring, Ajit Nagar, Ambala Cantt
  12. Dr S.P.Sharma, # 218, Inder Puri, Ambala Cantt
  13. K.D. Sharma, K.D. Hospital, Ambala Cantt
  14. Baini Parshad Aggarwal Memorial Medal and Cash Prize for standing first in B.Sc. (Medical)
  15. Shri Attar Chand Sawhney and Smt. Amravati Memorial Scholarship awarded by their son Prof. H.O. Sawhney
  16. Miss Geetika Jain s/o Sh. S.K Jain, New Delhi.
  17. Pandit Bishan Dass Lakhanpal Memorial Scholarship donated by his sons Shri KK Lakhanpal, Shri. S.K Lakhanpal and Shri B.K Lakhanpal
  18. H.C. Sharma 2-B, Ajit Nagar, Ambala Cantt
  19. Arvind Sharma, student of M.D. Medical College Rohtak, One Wrist Watch to the Topper Memorial Scholarship awarded by Sh. Shiv Kumar, Rly. Colony, of B.Sc. III Medical373/B, Ambala Cantt
  20. Mayawanti Bhanot Memorial Scholarship awarded by Dr. Saran Dass Bhanot of Chd.
  21. ASIMA, Ambala Scientific Instruments Manufacturing Association (ASIMA), Ambala Cantt
  22. Pritam Singh, Triode Electronics, 3695/20/1, Near Dutta Hospital, Ambala Cantt.