S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi


S. NoTitleName of Editor/AuthorYear of PublicationName of Publisher ISBN/ISSN number
1.CalculusDr. Naveen Gulati2001Jeevansons Publication,
ISBN 93-80896-01-8
2.Elements of Business Mathematics Sem IDr. Naveen Gulati2001Jeevansons Publication
ISBN 93-80896-06-9
3.Elements of business Mathematics Sem IIDr. Naveen Gulati2001JeevansonsPublication
ISBN 81-909538-4-2
4.Crisis of Human Rights and Value Consciousness in Indian Education SystemDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2006S D College
5.Vartamaan Paripeksh me Sanatan Dharma ki BhoomikaDr. N. K. Sharma2007978-81-921380-1-5
6.Sociology of Dharma ShastrasDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2009S D College
7.Rethinking Basic Concepts of Psychological and Counselling Techniques in Indian TraditionDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2009S D College
8.Effective Teaching of English in Colleges: Need of the HourDr. Asha Sharma2009S D College
9.Opportunities in IT Sector: Challenges & SolutionsMeenakshi Sharma2009978-81-921380-7-7
10.Emerging Trends in NanotechnologyDr. Rajinder Singh/ Prof. P. Mathur2011Daksh Associates
ISBN 13-978-81-921380-9-1
11.Value Framework for Good GovernanceDr. Alka Sharma (ed.)2011New Delhi
ISBN 978-81-8455-280-5
12.Revisiting History: Narratives from PastDr. Alka Sharma2011New Delhi
ISBN 978-81-8455-279-9
13.Chemistry in Our LivesDr. Sushil Kumar/ Dr. Jai Pal (ed)2011S D College
ISBN 978-81-921380-8-4
14.System’s Thinking and Human Rights: An Indian PerspectiveDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2011S D College
15.Emerging trends in Computer IndustryDr. Rajinder Singh/ Amandeep Mehta (ed.)2012Parkash Computers Art
16.Elements of MathematicsDr. Naveen Gulati2012Jeevansons Publication
17.Pilgrimage Tourism in IndiaDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2012S D College
18.Media and Indian MindsetDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2012S D College
19.Defining Knowledge and Knowledge Systems: Past, Present and FutureDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2012S D College
20.Purushartha- Chintan ke Vividh AayaamDr. Ashutosh Angiras (ed.)2013Aggarwal Prakashan, Ambala City
21.Computational Sanskrit:Issues & ChallengesDr. Rajinder Singh/ Kavita Taneja2013Mahajan Enterprises
22.Data Communication and NetworksPooja Bajaj2013Ishan Publications ,Jalandhar
23.Punjabi Kissa Kav AdhyanDr. Nirvair Singh2013Lokgeet Prakashan, Chandigarh
ISBN 978-93-5068-214-2
24.RDBMSPooja Bajaj2014Ishan Publications ,Jalandhar
25.Textbook of Environmental StudiesDivya Jain/ Sumit Chhibber2014Unique Publications, Panipat.
ISBN 978-93-83861-13-2
26.Role of Music in Indian NationalismDr. Paramjeet Kaur (ed.)2014Daksh Associates, Ambala Cantt
27.Unique Tablet of Practical Botany (B.Sc I)Divya Jain/ Sumit Chhibber2015Unique Publications, Panipat.
ISBN 978-93-83861-30-9
28.Online marketingMs. Bindu Aggarwal2015Online
29.Strategic Role of Information Technology in Empowering CommerceProf. P. Mathur/ Amandeep Mehta/ Dr. Renu Sharma (ed.)2016Mahajan Interprises
30.Fundamentals of Database SystemIISangharsh Saini2016978-93-5258-665-3
31.Unique Tablet of Practical Botany (B.Sc II)Divya Jain/ Sumit Chhibber2016Unique Publications, Panipat.
ISBN 978-93-83861-94-1
32.Unique Tablet of Practical Botany (B.Sc III)Divya Jain/ Sumit Chhibber2016Unique Publications, Panipat.
ISBN 978-93-83861-95-8
33.Diversity of MicrobesDivya Jain/ Sumit Chhibber2016A.S. Prakashan, Meerut.
ISBN 938579560-0
34.Comparative English LiteratureDr. Jaideep Chauhan2016RBSA Publishers, Jaipur
ISBN 978-81-7611-755-5.
35.Quantum and Laser PhysicsDr. Krishan Kumar2016A. S. Prakashan, Meerut
ISBN 978-93-85795
36.Wave and Optics -IDr. Krishan Kumar2016A. S. Prakashan, Meerut
ISBN 978-93-85795-51-0
37.EntrepreneurshipMs. Shubhra Jindal2016Jalandhar
ISBN 978-93-81551-69-1
38.Comparative English LiteratureDr Jaideep Chauhan2017RBSA Publishers, Jaipur
ISBN 978-81-7611-755-5