S.D. COLLEGE (Lahore)
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Executive Council

Student Union Executive Council -2018-19

S.NoName of the CandidateRoll NumberClassElected for the post ofMobile No.
Vandana2370320030M.Com IPresident7404472417
Ankit Saini2294110028BA IVice-President9813678452
Prince2294810003MA Hindi-ISecretary8930154100
Sonia1636120002M.Sc App. Physics-IIJoint-Secretary9971153685
Sheetal Rawal1558420005BA (Pol.Sc. Hons)-IIExe. Member9050927311
Himani Sharma1615002B.Sc (Comp. Sc.)-IIIExe. Member9996311206
Pratik Chauhan237941002B.Voc (SD)-IExe. Member7015192478
Sahil Sharma2365610027BBA-IExe. Member9812235974
Bhawna Rana2370720013M.Sc Maths-IExe. Member8684924944
Gourav1611415BA IIIExe. Member (Nominated)
Kartik1611544BA IIIExe. Member (Nominated)
Pooja1612022B.Com IIIExe. Member (Nominated)
Pratham Bidlan1558610002BA IIExe. Member (Nominated)
Akanksha Suvriti1614030B.SC. MED IIIExe. Member (Nominated)